Introducing Coaching With Richard

Private One-On-One Coaching For Men With Award-Winning Coach & Self-Leadership Expert Richard Norris

Unique, No-Nonsense & Effective!

This level of one-on-one coaching is for those of you who know what you want to achieve, are willing to work hard and are committed to moving forward in your success, your career, your business and your life.

Richard is 100% committed to his clients. For this to pay-off, it also requires a 100% commitment from you, the coaching client. As a result, you must apply to qualify.

If you want to achieve, lead and live your greater life, it may be closer now than you realize.

Attain greater success today simply, effectively and consistently at work, rest and play.

Achieve your goals, progress your success and lead the life TODAY that you deserve and desire.

Whether you’re a CEO, parent, pastor, athlete, student or entrepreneur, you’ve been doing your best but you know you are capable of more.

Richard is here to help. He’s the right coach when you need one most.

Father With Sons On The Mountain Walk

The difference between those who excel and succeed and those who don’t is often down to two things:

  1. There is a willingness and determination to get the right things done right.
  2. There is a realization that they don’t know everything and are prepared to ask for help sooner rather than later.

There’s not a business leader, rags-to-riches success story or elite athlete today who got to where they are without the help of a coach. The right coach provides you three essential ingredients that help you succeed – accountability, advice and affirmation.

Accountability to ensure you are doing what you are supposed to do – from the easy to the especially challenging.

Advice to inform, educate and equip you with the knowledge and skills to progress your success.

Affirmation to keep you inspired and moving forward.

You are one-of-a-kind so each private coaching session is confidential, unique and specific to you. The focus is for you to lead yourself and those who matter most to get to where you want to go. Areas of focus will include:

Your journey and your vision
Define your motivators
Understand your purpose
Establish your priorities
Clarify your goal(s)
Create your action plan
Improve your decision-making
Strengthen your key relationships
Power your leadership
Maximize your time
Boost your productivity
Enhance your lifestyle.
What got you to where you are today will not get you where you want to go tomorrow. For that to happen, you must change today to transform your tomorrow.

Low angle view of an African American male runner winning race against blue sky

Imagine what can happen when (not if) you make those changes, overcome those challenges, achieve that breakthrough and realize your potential and your dreams?…

Greater purpose, freedom and success across your life – at work, rest and play. ​

Who is this for?

Those who get the best results are those of you who want success – as you define it – and are committed to achieve it. You are prepared to BE, DO and HAVE what it takes to make it happen.

You may already be successful and know where you want to go. OR you could be stuck and unsure as to what to do next. No matter what, you have likely reached the limit of what you can do yourself. You know your success requires growth and, therefore, you know you now need a coach.

Your Options*:

The next leg of your Journey of Success begins here…


To get you going.

Ideal when what you really need RIGHT NOW is accountability to make some necessary changes and get what’s important done.

No-nonsense. Short, sharp and focused.

6 x 15 minute sessions for $597 or 3 monthly installments of $217


To build your momentum.

This will get you focused on priorities and short-term goals where you can best impact your success.

6 x 30 minute sessions for $1347 or 3 monthly installments of $497


To surge ahead and maintain the lead.

On this 12-month program, discover your uniqueness, deliver on goals, lead by example, enhance relationships and grow personally.

2 x 30 minute sessions per month for $4977 or 12 monthly installments of $457

*All fees are for coaching only. The bundles of IGNITE & BOOST are valid for a 4 month period only.

All coaching is by request and is subject to an application process. Limited space is available. To apply, please contact us TODAY at: [email protected]

If you QUALIFY for coaching with Richard, it could be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.


Richard has been a great coach and support to me over the past few years. His understanding of the human spirit and his ability to grasp and identify concepts of support have been refreshing. At every level Richard’s responses have exceeded my expectations. His methods of challenge, support and creative care made me better. This guy is real help.

Richard Winn – Superintendent, United Methodist Church

Richards ability tolead` (and show others how to lead) in a clear and people-orientated manner which sets him apart. His honesty and principals mean he is never shy to say what he feels BUT always in a constructive fashion i.e. offering alternatives, challenging observations and options where required. Never pushy and always respectful of your needs/resources.

Fred Best – Chair & Founder at Work 4 Wellbeing

I thought I knew it all and that every one else fell short until Richard showed me that it was my management style and communication that was limiting performance. He expertly guided me through change and some often painful realizations about my short comings – at all times motivating and supporting me, driving forward great results. Richard has tremendous energy and integrity. He inspires positive thinking and an attitude of achievement. Richard made a huge difference to how I approached both my work and personal ambitions and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Angela Patterson – Business professional & international resourcing specialist

Richard is the best business development person I have ever met. His sense of urgency is impeccable. When asked to do something, it is done, better than you planned or requested. His creative capabilities at the strategic level and further support at the detail task levels allow anyone to be successful. I trust Richard always to be the strength and leader.

Jim Browning – CEO YPN Companies

Richard takes a genuine interest in your business, focuses on what you want to achieve, and has offered some great advice and endless amounts of enthusiasm. What is great about Richard is he tells it how it is and isn’t afraid to tell you when he thinks you’re going down the wrong path or could do something better.

Graeme Kerr – MD Organic Digital

It is Richard’s greatest quality that he quickly brings peoples thoughts into focus and knows when he can support the current situation…What I value most about Richard is the honest and direct view he gives on the world, and the fact that he excels in getting people understand the reality in a strong and focused but gentle way , a true leader in the self development/ performance field.

Ian Burgess – COO Claimbase

Richard has helped me learn how to lead & motivate people and set goals to achieve higher personal results. Richard is a masters graduate in developing energy and enthusiasm with a natural ability to motivate people in their business and personal goals.

Martin Craghill – Business Development Manager DB Schenker

Richard Norris is the type of business developer and coach that puts understanding and appreciating what the client needs/wants/must have into perspective and then seeks to help them. If you’ve hit an obstacle that’s blocking your business vision then speaking to Richard can give you new options, hope and generally think bigger… With his background in business, military and academics, there are a lot of resources available to draw upon.

Stephen Marino – Master License Partner ActionCOACH

Richard is an extraordinary communicator. His advice and passion for what he does is second to none. He has an excellent vision on ways to become more successful. I admire his values and his love for his family. I recommend Dr Norris to the highest extent.

Mark Strube – Recovery Pump Affiliate

Richard challenged his clients to excel and achieve their highest potential. He also challenged other coaches and leaders … to become all that they could be.

Lee Huffman – CEO The Business Catalyst

Richard is a person of high integrity. He has a burning passion to bring out the best in people, and he is a powerful speaker who holds an audience in the palm of his hand from beginning to end. His knowledge and skill level is vast and he never stops learning as he believes that school is never out for a Pro. He loves to push and challenge people he works with, but it’s always done with a HUGE heart, even when he is kicking you forward!

Paul Avins – CEO The Business Wealth Clubs

Richard has a great devotion to helping other people succeed and become all that they can be. Richard is a sharp business person, great coach, effective trainer, and inspiring human being. His faith and love for others underpins everything he does. I trust that you’ll enjoy Richard as much as I do!

Erich Dombach – President The Coaches Coach

If you are going to be a success in business you need to find one of those rare mentors whose advice you know you can always trust and who won’t be afraid to ask the questions you hadn’t thought of yourself or were ignoring…In particular Richard has a special talent at guiding entrepreneurs in the implementation of ambitious plans.

Gordon McIntyre-Kemp – Chief Executive – Business for Scotland