About Richard Norris & Leading Men Only

Richard Norris is a self-leadership expert, man of faith and family man voted the World’s Greatest Dad by his kids year after year.

Leading Men Only is unique in that it’s mission is to challenge men around the globe to step up and be the men God created them to be to serve and lead at work, rest and play.


Richard Norris established Leading Men Only on the realization that men are under fire in all walks of life. Men have been dropping the ball of leadership in many arenas – none as important as in the home as husband and father. There is a need for men to fight back and assume fully their God-appointed roles in society as protector, provider, priest, producer and professor.

Richard is passionate about men leading in the board room, the locker room and the family room. His belief is that to be great leaders men (and women) must learn to lead themselves well first. They must excel at self-leadership first. Then and only then can they fully lead by example with excellence.

Richard’s practical tools, tips, systems and strategies help men from all walks of life to serve and lead better – whether they own a business, lead a government or stay at home. As a result, Richard achieves results simply, effectively and consistently. Richard has an award-winning track record of improving productivity and performance.

His own Journey of Success consists of diverse experience as a veterinarian, army officer, post-grad student, husband, father, competitive swimmer, author, speaker, coach and trainer. Richard is a big student and advocate of personal development and has invested a good 6-figures in his own personal growth. All this means Richard has a unique ability to help men in business, sport, in college who are ready to shift their lives and careers forward.

Richard learned from his dad to be a man of ACTION and INTENSE INTEGRITY. As such his values and that of his family are:

Faith – embody it
Family- love it
Integrity – live it
Excellence – achieve it
Generosity – give it
Gratitude – show it
Abundance – share it
Richard is COMMITTED to connecting men to their true God-given purpose. Richard believes you cannot fulfil your own purpose without serving others in fulfilling theirs. Richard’s ongoing challenge is to do the right thing, in the right way with the right men to bring about global transformation through men.

Richard has been married to Nancy since ’91. His pride and joy as a Daddy are his two children, Dreanna and Jensen. The best coaches he will ever have are his family. Although Canadian, Scotland is now the home of the Norris Clan.