Life Sucks!
If you’re like me there is stuff you just aren’t that good at. In fact, you suck at it.

In the gym, I suck at squats.

In the pool, I suck at breath-holding.

At work, I suck at sales.

At home, I suck at housework.

Generally, I suck at patience (but I am much better than I was).

Sure, I do all of these things, but I just know they’re not my strength.

For years, I hated sucking at anything – the competitive perfectionist within me. But hating yourself for not being good at something is simply stupid.



And that’s just fine. The sooner you accept that truth the better – for you and, very likely, for those around you. God didn’t make you to be great at everything; He made you to be great at something.Knowing you suck at something shows that you’re human.
Knowing you suck at something helps you see more clearly what you are actually good at. It’s called clarity through contrast.

Knowing you suck at something saves you time, energy and, maybe, money. You know what you need to delegate or get help with so that you can better invest your time, energy and money on what you are good at.

Berating yourself for your “sucks” is a waste of focus. Focusing on what you don’t want is your problem. Focusing on what you do want is your solution.

As I’ve learned and am still learning, sucking at stuff is actually a good thing. I now know what I shouldn’t be doing or getting worked up or worried about. I leave that for others to do.

So…the next time you find one of your life’s “sucks”, be grateful. You’re doing yourself a favour. Examine your suck, figure out what it’s telling you that’s good, learn from it and then move on in a better direction along your Journey of Success.

Every week I glean some nuggets of wisdom through what I watch, listen to and read. Some of them remind me what I suck at. Below is this week’s. Perhaps, one or more can help you suck less.

  1. Don’t quit; keep going.
  2. God’s more committed to your success than you are.
  3. Pay the price to get the job done.
  4. Attempt great things for God then see great things from God.
  5. To lead meet needs, train to serve and mentor others.
  6. Be mindful of the things of God not of men.
  7. Encourage yourself.
  8. Regroup, refocus and resolve to press on.
  9. Sucking at something…sucks.
  10. Embrace the suck.
  11. Spend 5 minutes a day working on your weaknesses.
  12. Master the process.
  13. Check your ego.
  14. Just because you cannot see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
  15. Trust God when there are no answers.
  16. Celebrate every moment of being true to yourself.
  17. Risking vulnerability allows for deeper intimacy. Mark Merrill
  18. Turn your pain into gain and your scars into stars. Bob Gass
  19. Unless you are willing to risk getting involved, you’ll never know what your good at. Bob Gass

God bless &